The entry in which I speak about painting that look like your close friends.  Now let’s start with our subject:

cambridge harvard art museum persian ambassador painting

This is a painting of a Persian ambassador to the Court of St. James from the 19th century.  And seriously, what a magnificent painting and of course, what a magnificent ambassador.  Look at that face and that outfit?  I mean sable, silk and a saber?  Why don’t ambassadors dress like this these days??  In another life, I met a few ambassadors (WHO CARES) and they did not look like this.  And let me tell you, ALL ambassadors should look like this.  Who knows when you are going to have to use a saber and why not ALWAYS carry one?

Also, now I’ve waxed on quite a bit about this painting, which BTW hangs in the Harvard Art Museum for another reason.  It looks like my friend Majeed.  Now let me describe my friend Majeed.  He’s an artistic, particular kind of a person.  Majeed is picky, but in the best way possible.

Whenever I’m in the museum I photograph this painting and I post it to Facebook.  My friend laugh that Majeed is simultaneously existing in the world and in the painting and alive in the 19th century and so therefore is probably a vampire or something, which I totally believe to be the truth.  Majeed are you a vampire??  Could we clear this up once and for all???

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