Micro fashion edition.

Well, some musings first and then some really cute micro fashion photos.

It takes transformation to really start thinking about things.  In my case, about a year ago I lost some weight.  Not a ton of weight but enough to be noticeable.  I also changed the way I dressed.  For years, I hid myself behind layers of boring clothes in the hopes of not being noticed.  My life was easier that way.

I thought that by not dressing up, I was making not making a choice, but in reality, I was making a choice.  My choice was to hide myself with my fashion choices.  Now I’ve changed the way I dress and I’m making other choices.  I’m choosing to wear dressier things.

I’ve noticed that people talk to me differently, look at me differently.  I wish this weren’t the case, but it is.  After all, it all does come down to choices.

Anyway, enough musing.  Well, I got photos of these two adorable kids.

Now this first one made me declare that a dinosaur should be absolutely required as a fashion accessory:

boston red line child dressed for july 4th

And this second one, this outfit it just spectacular:

newport rhode island mansion row girl in dress

Only real fashion experts can accessorize tule with such an adorable hat.

It is all about choices at the end of the day, I guess.

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