Ain’t No Way We’re Doing What Those Apes Say

Talking about politics is fraught with controversy.  I try to keep this place free of any kind of political banter or whatnot.  I prefer to use to profess my love to our departed patron saints Bill Cunningham, Rufus the Colored Bull Terrier and Pepi Leistyna, cat lover and all around lovable weirdo.  I haven’t mentioned our last patron saint, Arvydas Sabonis for a while, but I’m sure he reads this thing extensively.

Not talking about politics is a kind of a strange turn of events around these parts, considering that at one point, I was the most political person on the planet.  I’d debate anyone about any political point until I had proven them utterly wrong.  I even had one friendship that came near to collapse several times over political disagreements.

I’m not going to really get on some kind of political soap box up here now, but I am going to post a political photo down here in a few paragraphs.  In years past, I have kept up with what was going on during the election cycle.  I became an American citizen to vote for Barack Obama in 2008 (oh no, I revealed my political leanings!!!!) and voted for him again in 2012.

Now in 2016, I can’t even pay attention to what’s going on.  I supported Bernie Sanders because he’s a hippie from Vermont and I love hippies and Vermont.  And I agree with all of his ideas.  I followed him on Facebook and I’d read all of what he’d post about education and fair pay and it was all so sensible, so I knew there was no way this man could win.

As for Hillary, I offer a photo that explains how I feel about her:


Prince William has been made to shake hands with people he doesn’t necessary know or like his entire life.  His wife is a “commoner” (how antiquated?) but has no doubt been through extensive media training to be perfectly poised in all public situations, but let’s be honest here.  Check out their body language around Hillary.  I’ll just say it.  She looks like an aunt at a wedding reception who accidentally got to use the mike.  Prince William and his lovely wife look like the bride and groom who happen to be present at this mortifying scene.  She provokes this same uncomfortable reaction that really cannot be hidden well.

As for Donald J. Trump of the Jamaica Estates Trumps, he of the bankruptcies, multiple divorces, questionable hairdo and myriad other let’s kindly call them idiosyncrasies I offer this graphic as explanation of my thoughts on him:


So there you have it.  Now lastly, I will offer up a photo I took on the streets of downtown Boston to show how the average Bostonian is handling this whole thing.  I’d say rather well:

boston old state house man with sign about donald trump

I offered him a dollar and he took it.  A few people walked by and offered middle fingers.  The guy said he’d made enough last month for his rent and I wished him well.  He choose well for his location — the front of the Old State House, site of the Boston Massacre, of course a spark that lit the American Revolution that gave MEN (only men) the right to choose their political leaders.  Eventually that right was extended out to us all of course and that’s what I’ll close with.  Stand up and your vote will be counted, whether its for Mrs. (emails) Clinton or the very hoooge Mr. Trump.  Don’t vote and you have to live with whoever the populace chooses.  Never hand over rights that are endowed to you by your country to someone else.

FEEL THE BERN, 2020!!!!!!!

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