Trust Me. This Homemade Aircraft Is Completely Safe. No, We Are Really Going to Be Fine!!!!

There are a few universal truths in life.  First, never mess with the people who touch your food.  Second, never trust a person who does not like dogs.  Third, if there is some kind of crazy event with people in costumes, music and homemade flying anything, I will surely be nearly capturing the unfolding chaos.

Ever since I saw a video of one of the multiple Flugtags in the world, I have wanted to attend.  Who doesn’t want to go to an event where a bunch of people attempt to pilot some kind of paper mache chicken into a body of water????

The event was tons of fun but I did think the paper airplanes and fake trains were going to go a bit further than they did.  To be totally honest, I wanted to be up there with the people piloting the homemade aircraft and falling into the water.  But those are just ambitions for the future, I guess.

Flugtag, there is be, what is was:



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