Rain and Honk

Why exactly do I love Honkfest?  Well there are the band names, like the Extraordinary Rendition Band, that obviously gets its name from its wonderful performances.  There are also the costumes the performers wear, which are wonderfully homespun and sometimes resemble your average sofa or curtains.

But the main reason I love Honkfest so much is the fact that the marching bands take songs that I profess to hate and turn them into music I like.  I don’t even know how they do this.  For example, (sorry to everyone out there) but I kind of hate Britney Spears’ music.  I mean I’m sure as a human she is fine, but I cannot stand her music.  Don’t worry.  I’m prepared for the hate mail, but so be it.  Today though one of the bands was performing “Toxic” and I was just standing there, singing and dancing along.  It was exceedingly pleasant.

Do you honkfest?  Come and Honkfest with me!!!!


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