It Was A Teenage Romance

On Saturday, I visited Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire.  The reason for the visit was to go to some haunted houses with my friends and generally celebrate Halloween, which we did successfully and which will be detailed in an entry very soon.

While at the park, a friend and I walked around with our cameras looking for anything good to photograph.  We happened upon a group of teenagers playing a concert.  They were quite good.

While looking at the people who were playing I was reminded of an episode from my own life.  I was a teenager in 1992, right at the height of the popularity of a band called Nirvana.  The band really took off and naturally every teenager in a band played their music.  It was around this time that I had my own first teenage romance with a guy who went to a neighboring high school.  The guy played in a band with his friends and the lead singer was my classmate and my new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.  There was a lot of tension between my new boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend.  It all seemed very important at the time, I guess.

One night, the new band was playing a show at a high school.  The lead singer belted out the words to “It Smells Like Teen Spirit,” not knowing that her microphone was not turned on, so no one could hear her.  It was fodder for many a nasty story thereafter.

Again, it all seemed important at the time.  I was at Canobie Lake with a bunch of friends who were either not born yet when all of this drama was taking place, living in another country anyway and we could not have known at the time that our paths would cross.

I always think that it is funny that sets of people cycle in and out of our lives all the time and those sets of people have nothing to do with each other.  None of these people have anything in common with the other set.  I grew up in North White Plains, New York.  My friends I went to Canobie with grew up in Saudi Arabia.  To them me telling the story about the malfunctioning microphone is pure theory.  They weren’t there and they didn’t see what took place.  They never visited the place that I can see so clearly in my mind.  Maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about what people do or say in general, because they are at the end of the day, only in our lives temporarily.  The people we really like we stay in touch with and see again.  Nobody in our lives is really constant.

Well anyway, enough deep thinking for this evening.  Let’s have some photos!!!!



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