The Story of Our Life

When I was a kid, I’d ride public transportation a lot with my parents.  We lived in New York and we didn’t have a car.  In fact having a car was something so crazy that I never thought we’d have one, until we actually had one.

While I was riding the bus, I’d imagine little lives for the people I saw on the bus.  What were they up to, where were they going.  I also did this when I’d go by people’s houses and look into their windows.  I mean I’m not a peeping tom, but people’s apartments just always look so nice and I try to imagine what their lives are like too.

Yesterday I went to the new Eataly location in the Prudential Center.  That place is insane.  So much food.  I don’t even know how people choose anything to eat there.  I had some above average gelato, after waiting in a very above averagely long line.  Whatever.  They just opened.

And as usual, I went around observing people like a ninja and snapped their photos.  Here are the best ones:


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