Some Shadow Play

I think I was looking through the New York Times one day when I saw this incredible photograph:


I thought automatically that it was New York and it had to be the 1960s.  I looked at the information about the photograph and saw that it was taken in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 1960s.  Obviously, the photo is perfect compositionally but it has so many other things that make it an excellent photograph.  You see those four men in the photo and wonder what their story is and who they are.  The shadowy men also look like the opening credits of Mad Men.  The whole photo shows a city on the rise, a country on the rise and is 1960s cool all the way.

Of course I wanted to copy it immediately.  Of course I thought I’d be copying it with a photo of New York, but let’s face it.  My shadows pictures of New York are a dime a dozen, so I went to another spot to copy this photo.

Here are my photos inspired by this incredible photo:


Good artists copy.  Great artists steal.  I think I stole that from someone.

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