Beasts of the C Line

I’ve been taking advantage more of the C line lately.  Brookline is so nearby and so lovely and its a shame I never visited it before, even though I’ve lived over here forever.

So on Saturday, I rode the C line to North Station in the hopes that I could catch a commuter rail train to Salem.  Those hopes were of course shattered but I’ll reveal that part a little later.  I mean and there’s of course my blind faith in any kind of public transportation in Boston to get me anywhere.  There’s that.

Anyway, so I get on the C line in Coolidge Corner and I see this beautiful, massive husky dog.  Now I’m a dog person.  I used to be a dog and cat person but now I think cats are OK but dogs are just so much more fun and better!!!!  They are happy to see you, unlike many cats….

So I go over and start petting the massive husky.  The husky, whose name was Loki and was the size of a small horse decided to put on a show for everyone.  He went from person to person to person basically asking to be pet by the people around him.

As I mentioned, I’m a dog person and next to me there was an open seat.  Loki was walking around the C line train, getting pet by everyone and when he got tired or bored of this magnificent exercise, he would just sit down next to me.  I thought he was a good seat mate, albeit one who decided to lick my camera lens.  I told him not to worry because it was just a filter on my camera lens that he licked anyway.

So we get to Park street and Loki gets off, I guess on his continuing tour to entertain others.  I was meanwhile covered in dog hair, as the owner warned I would be.

Then things got interesting.  I’m trying to get to North Station.  The C line was ostensibly going to North Station but when we got to Government Center, they kicked everyone off the train and signaled for us to get out by opening the train doors towards the wall.  Magnificent.  Then we all stood on the train platform waiting for a train to actually take us to North Station, when they told us to get back on the train because it was actually going to North Station after all.

Who cares.  Either way, I got to meet Loki and that made the day very much worth it:

boston c line husky lokiboston c line husky loki 2boston c line husky loki 3boston c line husky loki 4

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