We All Get Dressed For Bill

I don’t usually go around agreeing with Anna Wintour, but for the title of this article, I agree with her.  A year ago today came the sad news that New York Times style photographer and Wrongsideofthecamera patron saint Bill Cunningham had passed away.

As I wrote about on this blog several times, I met Mr. Cunningham a few times over the years.  Once he was so engrossed in his work that he paid me no mind at all.  The second time he was funny and warm when I ran into him in front of South Station and we talked about how Boston had changed since he was a kid growing up there.  He couldn’t get over how beautiful the Greenway was and I agreed with him.  A prettier piece of urban park I haven’t yet seen than the Greenway, especially in the summer.

Looking at Bill’s work really did heavily influence what I photograph.  Bill is looking for stylish people who stick out.  I look for that as well and kind of magic moments that can happen with extremes of fashion, as the shots I’ll post here will show.

The best fashion show is definitely on the street.  Always has been, always will be.  I miss you Bill!!!!!!!!

boston winthrop girl in red dress 1boston winthrop girl in red dress 2boston winthrop girl in red dress 3boston common japanese festival 15boston japanese festival 2boston japanese festival 3boston japanese festival 4boston japanese festival 5boston japanese festival 6boston japanese festival woman with dog

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