Bombogenesis and the Book of Revelations

Warning.  I’m going to mention things that usually don’t make it onto this blog.  First, politics.  Second, Jersey Shore.  Oh and also the bible and God, but that’s gotten more and more popular around these parts lately.

A few days ago I was in relatively less arctic Florida.  I say relatively less arctic because it was still kind of cold over there but like an early summer, June kind of cold in New England.  It wasn’t the sunny, wonderful Florida I’d become accustomed to but it also wasn’t the North Pole.  Well, until my last day there Jacksonville was actually colder than Alaska.  LOLOLOL!!!!!  I saw a news story today that iguanas are falling out of trees because its so cold in Florida right now.  Considering the bomb cyclone we got hit with today in Boston, those problems are kind of cute.

Of course people are asking where all of this is coming from.  Al Gore, noted inventor of the internet started sounding off on all of this years ago, even before he was the Vice President.  I saw an interview with him recently and he said that the evening news is starting look like a nature hike through the Book of Revelations.  I didn’t exactly what that was and rather than Google it, I asked my friend who I consult on ecumenical matters he told me referring to the Book of Revelations was nothing good.  Nice.  Is there a bomb cyclone in there somewhere?

Anyway, people seek answers from their leaders for all of this and our leader sure provided it:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.48.08 PM

…and shit like that.  Yeah.  We’re living in a live action version of The Simpsons now.

Well, anyway, we can’t actually blame that orange toddler for this latest crap.  He didn’t cause it but he’s also not doing anything to make the situation better.

Oh and today.  A bomb cyclone of snow that brought bombogenesis with it.  Yesterday I didn’t know any of those words.  I mean I had never heard of a bomb cyclone until today and I didn’t know what bombogenesis is.  I’m still not exactly sure what it is, but it doesn’t sound friendly.

I elected to stay inside today.  Now I’m not afraid of snow and storms being that I’m out of door with enthusiasm when it comes to skiing in temperatures that would drive a normal person insane but for me today was too cold and kind of scary so I got some photos from the safety of my parents house.  No pictures of Kelton today.  Bombogenesis:

westborough bomb cyclone january 4 2018 1westborough bomb cyclone january 4 2018 2westborough bomb cyclone january 4 2018 3westborough bomb cyclone january 4 2018 4

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