Release the Santas!!!!!!!

It’s late December, yet again, and that means just one thing — the Santa speedo run is upon us!!!!!

I’ve been going to this event since 2012 because, because it super hilarious and weird and combines everything I love about Boston into one event — strange costumes, questionable weather and sports.  Every year I’ve gone, something funny or weird has happened.  The first year I went, there was a guy with quite a hairy chest, wearing a very small bathing suit and he had written on his chest, in magic marker — this sweater available in a medium.  Another year a guy in a tiny red bathing suit came running up to me and hugged me.  I thought — what’s your name???  Besides, where was he going to put a phone into his Speedo???  I guess that’s a question we don’t have to answer today.

The event always follows the same pattern.  The runners gather in a bar in Back Bay, get liquored up, exit the bar for paparazzi photos and general hyping up.  Then some kind of start signal is given.  Then they promenade up Boylston to Newbury and then of course, back to the bar.  The whole thing is over in 20 minutes, 20 minutes in which I have taken about 300 pictures.

Boston, I love you.  Keep the Santas running forever!!!!!!!

One thought on “Release the Santas!!!!!!!

  1. Tried to drop you a message about these SSRun photos (one of the organizers of the run) but your email didn’t work. Is there a better one to reach you at? thanks very much

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