I’m Really Not That Original

So, I studied photography.  Kind of.  Well I was on my college yearbook staff but I was just over there learning how to do everything.  I would just ask a lot of questions and figure out how to take better pictures.  Oh and I took a class called History of Photography, where we traced the evolution of photography, via images.  We looked at images by this photographer named Walker Evans, who loved straight lines and this unfussy approach to photography.

Now that I’m in stereotypical New England and there are a lot of just random car rides to places, we drive through these towns.  They have big squares, churches and town halls.  All I think is — that church is so Walker Evans.  Now I have the opportunity to live out my Walker Evans fantasy — photograph all of this.

Here’s New England, in all of it straightforward glory:

sudbury church black white steeplesudbury church clouds black whitesudbury church lightsudbury first unitarian church black white entrysudbury grange hallsudbury town hall cloudsudbury town hall wide view

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