Where’s the line between an accident and art

So it’s the March 927th or something.  I don’t know.  2020.  Ok whatever, enough complaining.

Quarantine has driven me back in time, back to my film roots.  I spent so many years shooting film and generally messing around with it for the sheer joy of it.  Happy accidents.  Weird things on the camera.  All in good fun.  Photography in the spirit of DIY and experimentation.

I have always wanted to do a double exposure series, just to see if I could even pull it off.  I don’t know why I did do this before when I was messing around with tungsten film, infrared, low speed film and various kinds of cameras.  Recently I thought — wouldn’t it be fun to put a roll of film in the camera, take 36 shots and then stick it back into the camera?  Let’s just see what happens.

First, before I actually did anything, I watched some YouTube videos.  I guess this is a kind of a university now.  For my camera, there’s a way to do it where you wind back the film and can gets a double exposure.  That sounded too complicated and I preferred my cowboy let’s see what happens kind of a way.

So I loaded up the film and set out on my daily constitutional around my neighborhood.  I did shoot the film at a very big aperture.  If the camera recommended 5.6, I opted for 4 just to make it nice and light and for the images to layer on well.  I thought — how am I going to shoot 36 exposures?  I hadn’t even reached the end of my walk and I had already done them.  Then I got home, broke out my dark bag and re-ran the film through.

The results were well, interesting but on the good side of interesting.  Not interesting like a bad haircut or a potato salad with raisins in it but actually interesting.  It was funny picking out which pictures to throw up on Flickr and social media.  Is this actually cool or just two pictures layered onto one?

Anyway, here are the results.  Luckily I live down the street from a religious supply store so those images got layered over the other stuff I shot nicely.  And my neighborhood is pretty nice too, so that was easy as well.

Double exposing in all of it’s experimental glory:

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