Classical Photography

Don’t worry. I promise not to be boring. But this will be an entry about some deep photography musings, thoughts really.

I’ve spent the past 15 or so years going through a series of digital SLRs. At first, the digital SLR was a wonder. You could have an autofocus lens and set everything to automatic and just shoot away??? I mean that sounds like heaven, right? Coupled with the fact that I dragged my camera to the ends of the earth with me, I got really good at photography. I thought about it last year that I can now produce a perfect image with little trouble. I mean yeah, this took hundreds of thousands if not millions of bad images to happen but I was there.

Then covid hit. Suddenly, there was NOTHING to photograph. And for the first time in almost 20 years, I wasn’t out taking pictures constantly. Strange, I know. I still probably take more pictures than the average person but not as many as I used to. But this strange thing happened over covid. I picked up the film camera again. I don’t even know why this happened. Maybe it was because nothing was going on. Or maybe I kind of wanted to go back to my old way of doing things. Considering the pictures I was taking. Being careful about what I photographed.

Then I became the owner of an amazing little machine called a Rolleicord. I DREAMED of this camera since I started photography. Big sensor, beautiful rendering of details. A dream. It’s been fun lately taking this thing around with me. Recently, I thought I had actually lost a roll of film because I hadn’t seen the images yet. Then I remembered that the images were actually still in the camera because I only took two or three on average when I was out with the camera. What a difference from the usual digital shooting of a thousand images to find three good ones.

The verdict: I’m really in love with the little Rollei. That’s the great thing about hobbies. You get really good at it, plateau and then discover you have other things to do, look at, explore.

Here’s some recently production from the Rollei:

3 thoughts on “Classical Photography

  1. Hi Natalia! Ravishing photos! So (not knowing anything about cameras) is the Rolleicord a vintage machine? Are they difficult to find? Does it take standard 35mm film?

    • Hey Gareth,
      The Rolleicord is an old medium format camera from the 1960s. It takes 120 film, not 35mm. You can find the Rolleis at specialty camera shops, but you have to decide you want one quickly. They tend to disappear quickly!!!!

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