Say Hello To Granddad

stowe vermont resort ski race sign


Yeah, that was this weekend’s trip.  Notice I didn’t say crazy adventure.  No, I didn’t have to get up at 3am, then sleep on a bus for four hours, ski, ski, ski, ski and then go back on the bus freezing and hungry.  Did I mention also soaked to the skin?  Yeah.  That too.

Nope, the trip to Stowe was in high luxury and style.  I got to sleep until 8am in a bed in a hotel room and get driven to slope, which was 10 minutes away.  After yesterday’s skiing, I got to soak in a hot tub.  After today’s skiing, I got freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Should I go on?  Well, no I don’t want to get hate mail.  Needless to say, I have the greatest family ever, who I have infected with this skiing obsession.

The views.  Never do they fail to amaze:

stowe summit trees snow stowe trees snow stowe summit trail signs stowe trees view stowe base area 2 stowe spruce camp stowe base area stowe mountain view 2 stowe mountain view

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