Vermont, Most Classic

I grew up in New York.  New Yorkers have to be some of the oddest people on Earth.  Now I know that this fact itself could make up its own entry, but they are.  Just take my word for it.

The oddest thing about New Yorkers is that they see the outside world as some kind of great haze of mixed up places.  I mean they know the major cities in the world, but Florida and Tennessee may as well be the exact same thing to a New Yorker.  I’m not saying they are geographically ignorant.  It just all combines into one big miasma of places that aren’t New York.

Vermont.  Vermont also qualifies in that category, with being far away and not very familiar to many New Yorkers.  Myself included until very recently.  Vermont, yeah, land of maple syrup??  Oh and the greatest skiing around may I add.  But Vermont.  For what might be in this far off exotic land???

Oh beauty.  So much beauty:

stowe trapp lodge 8 stowe trapp lodge buildings 7 stowe trapp lodge buildings 6 stowe trapp lodge buildings 5 stowe trapp lodge buildings 4 stowe trapp lodge buildings 3 stowe trapp lodge buildings 2 stowe trapp lodge trees stowe trapp lodge buildings

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