A Cup of Poppysmic and A Shot of MJ

Where do I even begin with this entry?

So as I have mentioned before, I work in a school as a teacher and part of my job involves taking the students on field trips.  The field trips are mostly fun and on rare occasions make me crazy.  Today was one of those days, but we’ll leave those details out.

Now onto to today’s stars:

Poppysmic or the Poppysmic is a former student of mine and now a friend.  MJ is a student at our school, my personal makeup artist and also a great friend.

We visited a television station today and the twosome was very enthusiastic about the whole thing, so I suggested they have their own show entitled:

A Cup of Poppysmic and A Shot of MJ

Now let’s meet our stars.  First, we have the Poppysmic:


Poppysmic is a nickname.  My friend here has a real name, but I might have called him that when I first met him, but early on I started calling him “the Poppysmic” after he brought this word for me to define.  And I couldn’t.

Anyway, as you can see, the Poppysmic is the practical half of the duo.  The man on the move looking for next best cup of coffee, plate of food or general sybaritic enjoyment.

And then we have MJ:


MJ is the dreamier, more unconventional half of the duo.  He wants to know where the next great party is, who has the new music out and of course, what kind of fabulous fashion one is to wear to said party.

He can also sometimes be a diva:


But you never know what will happen on the soon to be hit TV show, A Cup of Poppysmic and A Shot of MJ.  Here are our stars on the set of their new show:


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