Dog Days of Summer

Summer is winding down.  Pretty soon, the leaves with change and then fall.

Last summer was loaded with activity, but was kind of happy, but this summer had more of a melancholy air to it.  This summer started with a bang.  Well, more of an explosion and continued to be kind of trying.  Growing pains, if you will.  Then it took a while to get everything back on track and eventually there were flashes of the brilliant summers I have grown used to having.

Now we’re in the dog days of it.  I’m not really relieved that it is over because summer is about as close as I come to having an actual vacation.  But I’m hoping that next summer will have considerably fewer explosions:

boston charles river friend portrait

boston charles river hatch shell pops concert audience

boston charles river sunset 2boston charles river sunset 3boston charles river sunset 5boston charles river sunset time


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