Sometimes Clothes Do Make the Man

(No actual men were harmed in the writing of this blog entry)

So, over the weekend I had the unique privilege of taking some photos with my camera, Rick.  Like I said, I have three cameras — Rick, Chumlee and the Old Man.  Chumlee and Little Chumlee are my everyday cameras and I can use Rick sometimes.  Getting Rick involves an extensive interview process and background check.

When I do pass the background check, Rick gets to be mine for a couple of days.  So, on my weekend sojourn to New York, I took a lot of photos with Rick, including this one:

new york city weekend rain storm hand sticking out of car

So how do clothes make the man in this picture?  Well, they don’t because you can only see his hand, but what the title means is that the optical quality of a photo make is yet more interesting.  This photo could have been very average, if it hadn’t been taken the optical wonder known as Rick, the camera.  I wonder if it would be as interesting if the raindrops had been less sharply rendered.  I guess clothes did make the man this time.

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