A Little Parisian

Downtown Crossing and Paris are not usually used in the same sentence.  Paris is an elegant place of classical beauty.  Downtown Crossing is a place where you can buy cheap spandex, lottery tickets and get your watch battery changed while being accosted to contribute money to some kind of charitable cause.

But its also this place that changes mood and form all the time.  And I kind of love that about it.  It has seasons and moods.

Night time brings this Parisian mood.  I went to Paris about 13 years ago for a week and loved it.  I never had a bad meal, found the people kind of like New Yorkers and spent a lot of time walking around at night.  The city also changed mood at night.

For some reason and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, these photos remind me of Paris, but they are Downtown Crossing.  Go figure:

boston downtown crossing car light back lighting boston downtown crossing lights cars black white boston downtown crossing night car lights

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