This Beautiful, Classical Place

Again with Harvard.  No, this is not the Harvard fan club blog, but hey, I live a mile from the school, so it is going to appear up here occasionally.  And I will say good things about it.

Recently, I got to visit the Harvard Art Museum which had been closed for five years.  To give you an idea of how long that is, when the museum closed, I was not a teacher yet and the idea that I would even become a teacher had not even entered my mind.

Now I was bringing my students over to see the museum.  In a torrential downpour.

But the museum is gorgeous.  The art of course is top notch, but the museum itself is a sight to behold.  It isn’t flat and sterile and “modern” but has this old fashioned feel to it that makes you feel like you are in a museum in London or some place.  Like you are on a special trip to a see a pretty great place.  And you are.  Click to enlarge, as usual:

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