A Little Saturday Afternoon Photo Essay

I frequently wonder if I will ever wander that far away from home.  Last weekend, I went to Harvard stadium to watch a hell of a great football game.

Last Sunday I went to visit a Japanese school in Boston called Showa Women’s Institute.  It was about four miles away from where I live.  It turned out to be a thoroughly pleasant afternoon at the school.  The school had a very quiet, very peaceful atmosphere and I enjoyed being there.  It is a school that educates female Japanese students in English.  They had a little festival going on with performances.  It certainly was nicer than any school I had ever attended.  We went by school bus, so I feel like no matter what, I will never get off of the school bus.

Let’s have a look see at what is going on at the Showa School on Sunday (click to make the images bigger, of course):

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