The Farthest North

I hate snow days. I mean I guess in a way I like them, so that first statement isn’t exactly true. I mean I don’t want to get wet and trudge through the snow to get to work in the morning on the world’s greatest train. However, being locked inside all day long isn’t fun either. Say I lived in some place right next to a mountain and I could use my snow day to go skiing. Then I would love snow days.

Instead on snow days, I am trapped inside with not much to do. I have school work to do so that isn’t bad and there are plenty of TV series on Netflix that I have never watched. Which is how we come to the general theme of this blog entry.

Today I found a little darkly comic series on Netflix called “Lillyhammer” about a New York mobster that gets relocated to the Norwegian town after ratting out one of his fellow mobsters. Very good show, full of quirky characters in snowy landscape.

What if Allston were to transform into a Scandinavian thriller? Who would the characters be? What would take place? Would there be a murder and a cover up? Would it be something about a family? Well, I know what it would like when they went outside, that is for sure:

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