Come and Take Some of Our Snow. We Have Extra. Tons Actually.

Out of ice? Want to make a real snow cone? Does your patbingsu need that extra special something, like real snow? Well, look no further than Boston, where we have snow. Snow to spare and then more snow and if that isn’t enough for you, we’re getting another shipment at the end of this week and early next week as well.

Yesterday in an amusing Facebook conversation, I asked how many cubic centimeters of snow a friend wanted who currently resides in a much hotter climate. He originates from a cold climate and misses the snow. I advised him that we’ve got plenty of white icy stuff for him, but he wants enough to cover his entire city. He was worried that our supply chain may not be able to withstand the stress of shipping so much snow to his particularly city. I advised him that our supply chain is fine with doing that.

In celebration of a day that included nearly tripping in the snow multiple times, a commute that took over two hours and included a cab ride where I got stuck in traffic and general snow related mayhem, here is some more snow. Misery loves company:

boston boylston street darkness snow

boston boylston street people crossing

boston massachusetts avenue eye doctor neon glasses snow pile

boston massachusetts avenue christian science church snow pile

boston huntington avenue icicles

boston huntington avenue icicles 2

boston boylston street station entry snow

boston massachusetts avenue horticultural society

boston massachusetts avenue starbucks coffee snow pile people walking

boston northeastern university building steam

boston northeastern university buildings snow shadows

boston northeastern university path trees

boston northeastern university west dorms

boston northeastern university tree big pile of snow

boston northeastern university snow people walking shadows

boston northeastern university snow covered tables

boston northeastern university snow covered tables 2

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