And Then I Saw A Leg Lamp

I had to go to Trader Joe’s today to replace all the food I ate during yesterday’s boring snow day. In the window of one of bars on Boylston street, I spotted a, well, let’s just see what I spotted for ourselves:

boston boylston street leg lamp

Yes, I realize that this is a famous movie plot device from “A Christmas Story.” I have never seen this movie, but I know that the father receives this particularly strange item in a box marked “Fra-gee-lay.”

Now I have some questions about the leg lamp that anyone who wants to can answer in the comments section:

1. How would I redo the decor in my living room to accommodate the arrival of such a priceless item? I mean I’d have to start with that excellent piece and redo the entire feng shui of my room to accommodate it of course.

2. What did they do with the remaining plastic body part of whatever the original lamp came off of?

3. Why didn’t they put anything Patriots related on there? Which leads to question four….

4. Did they steal it from Rob Gronkowski’s house? Will he come looking for it? Does it fit in with his general decorating aesthetic?

Yeah, that’s all the questions. I’d appreciate your grammatical responses in the comments sections. Thank you.

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