The Starbucks View

Well, another snow day. Thanks Boston!!! Every weekend seems to be a three day weekend now. If I have nothing to do and am locked inside all day long, I got a little nuts, but I have school readings to do. Usually the school readings get done on some break between one of the multitude of things I do during a week but because of the snow day, I can actually peacefully do them with no problems or drama.

There was just one problem. I have to find a place to do the readings. During the first snow day a couple of weeks ago, I called my local Starbucks and nobody answered. On the second one, I ventured out and discovered it was open. This time I just decided to go. It was completely and totally packed but still had coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I found some kind of a seat and started reading. At that moment, I realized that I didn’t have my headphones, when the person next to me started saying things like “robustness with respect to the power point” and “clarity of plan.” Interestingly I was reading an article about the different ways that language shifts and changes. Hopefully the English language isn’t heading towards full time use of terms that should only really be used in a board room.

Anyway, just reading can be boring, so I set up the camera on the little ledge on the window and pointed it at the people going by. It was interesting to see the people just kind of walking by in the snow. My little view, I guess:

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