Nearly A Full Gronk

I’ve written on this blog before that this blog has three patron saints. Rufus the Colored bull terrier, Bill Cunningham and Arvydas Sabonis. Notice that only one of those people is actually a photographer, whereas the others are a dog and a Lithuanian basketball great.

Well, I am adding another patron saint. In appreciation of the Patriot’s 2015 Super Bowl victory and the fact that we share a common ancestral heritage, I am adding Rob Gronkowski, tight end of the 2015 Super Bowl champion New England Patriots as a new patron saint on this blog. Again, I really do hope he reads this blog and understands exactly what an honor I am bestowing upon him.

What does being a patron saint of Wrong Side of the Camera actually involve? Well, Mr. Gronkowski, you will be written about in a way that you are not usually written about. I will not write about your football playing ability. Rather, you will be written about in the the manner I will describe you in the next paragraph.

Some genius (not me) came up with a measuring scale for our recent snow fall. He (or she) invented a new unit of measure called a “Gronk” measuring 6 feet, 6 inches, the size of an approximate Gronk found in the wild. It is all illustrated in this handy graphic:


So as you can see from Gronk’s arm sticking out of the pile of snow, we’ve had nearly a full Gronk since the snow started.

Today we adding another Gronk to our snow totals. Pretty soon we will have two or three full Gronks. And then I will simply be able to ski from window, down to the street.


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