Can We Be Funny? Why Start Now?

I’ll admit. Its been a tough two weeks for me. I keep thinking about Pepi and how much I still wanted to tell him about how his ideas had extended to every aspect of my life.

I considered even shutting the blog down after the entry about Pepi. Its gotten so many comments and I felt like the people who read it would think that if a funny entry were to push it down toward the bottom of the blog, that it would somehow be disrespectful towards Pepi.

I watched part of the episode of Saturday Night Live after September 11. They didn’t know how to be funny again after something so tragic.

So I think we can be funny again up here. Or hey, you know. Why start now?

Well, I’m going to try. Here are some photos I took at the clink, the slammer, JAIL. No, I wasn’t arrested. I was a permanent resident for many years and my dad told me that if I committed any crime, I’d get sent right back to Poland.

A couple of days ago, I visited a clink that had been reformed into a hotel. The Liberty Hotel and this was one good looking clink. Let’s have a look see at this clink:
boston liberty hotel 0

boston liberty hotel 1

boston liberty hotel 2

boston liberty hotel 3

boston liberty hotel 4

boston liberty hotel 5

boston liberty hotel 6

boston liberty hotel 7

boston liberty hotel 8

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