Boosting, Nicking, Whatever You Choose To Call It

I nearly committed a wanton act of thievery today.

Ok, ok, let’s go back. This morning I visited the MIT museum, which has a 3D printing lab. The lab is open from 10 to 12 am everyday and since I’m usually in the museum after that, I never actually knew that the lab was there. Today I got to visit.

The 3D printing lab is like Santa’s workshop, if Santa Claus were Sheldon Cooper. There was a Sheldon-like character explaining how the printers work and how long it takes to 3D print something. Actually the “real” Sheldon would be offended by being demoted to being a mere engineer, as he is a theoretical physicist. But anyway, the lab was interesting.

Fun fun fun, blah blah blah UNTIL I SPOTTED THIS:
cambridge MIT museum 3D printed grumpy cat

I know, it looks so small and unassuming right there, but it is in fact a 3D printed model of the Grumpy cat. For all of my reading public unfamiliar with that cultural phenomenon, let me show you a sample of the genius that is that cat:

A dear friend of mine introduced me to this charming cat and even made me this genius birthday card that proudly hangs on my fridge. The card features the cat with the inscription “Its my birthday and I don’t care BECAUSE I HAVE A PAPER TO FINISH.” Grumpy and realistic. My sort of thing.

But as you will notice, the 3D printed cat figurine is so detailed and well painted. It outdoes the actual cat by a mile, so hence the talk of boosting and thievery. I very nearly boosted the thing. I asked the Sheldon on duty how much the cat actually cost and Sheldon told me, in no uncertain terms, that the cat was not for sale.

I will just have to ENGINEER a way to boost it or nick it. Just kidding MIT!!!! But it is a wonderful figure and I wish Makerbot or somebody sold it!!!!

One thought on “Boosting, Nicking, Whatever You Choose To Call It

  1. Hi there! I´m the designer of this figurine and I just want to let you know that it´s actually up for sale on and also on Etsy. Just take a look over there.

    Best regards,

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