Spring-inter or Whatever You Call This Season

Mother nature owes me one for this past winter.  I went and lost 40 pounds and suddenly, I could ski my little heart out wherever I wanted, whatever trails I wanted to go on and do it moderately well.

So how did mother nature pay me back?  By not having a winter.  I mean we had a couple of tiny little winter storms but this past ski season was characterized by a lot of cancelations and general disappointments when it came to skiing.

But whatever, I’m over it.  Its spring, right??  Well, mother nature has other ideas it would seem.  See the weather in New England goes something like this:


A heatwave with a change of a blizzard.  Dragons.  That’s life in New England.  Last summer I became friends with a person from more exotic parts and we sat and had a conversation about the weather for an hour.  At the end of the hour, my new friend turned me and said “we just had a conversation about the weather for an hour.”  I thought to myself, ah yes, just an hour.  Would that talk of the weather in New England contain itself to just an hour.

Last week we had an example of what I like to called “Spring-inter” when mother nature can’t quite decide what to do with us weather wise.  It is spring?  Is it winter?  Are we going to have a heatwave with a chance of a blizzard??

Only mother nature knows for sure.  But either way, spring-inter makes for some beautiful light that was in full effect last week when I visited Somerville:

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