Once You Loosen That Cardigan, There Is No Going Back

Sometimes in life, you get stuck in a conservative rut where you think that what you have been doing so far is fine.  Then, well, then you loosen that cardigan.  You undo a button on the cardigan and you say “yes, I will be more free with myself.”

What am I talking about??  Museums of course.  Didn’t it seem obvious?

Did you think I was talking about something else?

Well, today was a revelation.  I’ve been to the Isabella Stuart Gardner museum by my estimation like literally a million times.  Nah, I’m kidding.  I’m not a time traveler, so now I could not have literally been there a million times, but yeah, I’ve been there upwards of 30 times.

Every single time I’ve ever been there, you cannot take photos in there.  You just can’t.  They snicker at you if you even fiddle with your camera for one minute.  I get it.  The place was robbed, but come on.  It is 2016.  That phone call making device in your hand is a camera now.  Undo a button on that cardigan already!!!!!

Well, the Gardner museum decided to do that.  They are finally letting people take photos in the museum because it is a gorgeous place that should be seen by the world, of course.  That cardigan, it should have been loosened ages ago.

Once you loosen that cardigan, you can never go back:

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