Between Perfection and Disaster, Living Starts

I’m not sure if I actually read that somewhere or if I actually just came up with that, but I do really think that is true.

Let’s go back here a second and this is going to be a weird one, but if you stick with me to the end, I promise the pay off will be good.  In 1996, I remember watching the Olympics and seeing Shannon Miller on the balance beam.  She was an excellent gymnast.  She over rotated a kind of a sideways back handspring into a split but adjusted her body to save the split and did the trick competently from what I could see.  I’m a gymnastics fan, not a judge but it looked fair to me.  The commentator at the time said “that’s what experience gets you,” those times when you know you’ve done something wrong and you need to save whatever you’ve done and you do it.  Its those moments that separate you from a hot shot phenom into an actual professional.

I’ve had tons of those types of moments on activities where I’ve had to save something.  Today was just one of those days.  We had a little snafu with our tour booking for the Boston Globe.  That snafu was completely my fault.  Oh disaster was imminent but I save us.  A little convincing, a little arm twisting and my back handspring was saved.

It got me to thinking.  If life were an endless string of perfect moments, wouldn’t that makes things really boring???  Isn’t life more interesting when things are thrown in there to throw things off balance occasionally?  What does our relentless pursuit of perfection get us other than boredom?  Of course we cannot live in a constant state of chaos, but throwing things off balance occasionally keeps things interesting, that’s what I think.

Oh and as an aside, any visit to the Globe means a visit to the paper carrying robots that wizzed passed us on our visit.  Who doesn’t love that?  First, a thoroughly excellent sign:


Oh and here is the robot passing by.  Thrillingly:




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