Everybody Hurts

Every year for the past few years, my friends and I gather at Revere Beach to make this thing called a mandala.  Its a kind of a shape in the sand that is filled in with flowers.  The friends I see at this occasion are people I’ve known for years.  We exchange what’s going on with us and all of our hurts and our pains.  I don’t feel good hearing about other people’s pain, but its a bit reassuring that not everyone’s life is perfect and that my friends, as I am, are going through some painful, unresolvable heart breaking crap, as am I.

Everybody hurts, no matter what:

boston revere beach mandala 2017 1boston revere beach mandala 2017 2boston revere beach mandala 2017 3boston revere beach mandala 2017 4boston revere beach mandala 2017 5boston revere beach mandala 2017 6

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