Eggelstoning It Up

I only, shamelessly, admit that I steal ideas and entire photographs from other photographers.  All photographers do it and so do I.

I usually pick though people from the regular canon of photography.  Ansel Adams, Stieglitz, Steichen, maybe a Brassai here and there.  Maybe Weegee if I’m feeling particularly mischievous.

On a recent sojourn through the hamlet of Winthrop, I found new inspiration, I mean person to steal from.  William Eggelston is a photographer who I have recently become familiar with and who I have grown to like.  He photographed kind of this tacky, interesting, colorful version of the American South.  I kind of thought for a long time that I got away from my artistic roots.  I guess I’m finding them again, but as usual, in a different way than I had seen them previously.

Anyway, so here are so photos that are directly influenced by William Eggelston.  Well, I mean I stole his ideas:

boston winthrop brideboston winthrop cabinetboston winthrop deer island beach viewboston winthrop house 3boston winthrop house backyard virgin maryboston winthrop house blue shuttersboston winthrop house brick stepsboston winthrop house car coveredboston winthrop house fenceboston winthrop house flowersboston winthrop house woman in dressboston winthrop houseboston winthrop man fishingboston winthrop ocean view

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