Watch Your Planes. Know Your Rectangles.

During the Christmas hiatus, I hung out with my family and did what I always do.  I took a lot of pictures.

One night I was explaining to my dad how I take pictures with my 50mm lens, because he has a similar one.  You always know the planes of your photograph and you just compose within that plane.  You have to have a line in your photograph that is either horizontal or vertical and if you have a curve, well, that’s magic.  That’s photography distilled down to its basest elements.

We’re sitting in a restaurant while I’m explaining this and I start flailing my arms around like a flight attendant showing where the emergency exits are.  The people I had just photographed kinda noticed but they didn’t say anything.

Wow, I’m embarrassing.

Anyway, I got some good photos.  I hope!!!!!

northampton tea house 2northampton tea houserhode island people restaurantrhode island restaurant people 2

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