First Winter Photo Extravaganza!!!!!

Let me give you an update of the past few days.  On Thursday, I received an email from my trusty activities guide at my ski club.  He was sorry from the bottom of his heart that the scheduled trip to Killington Mountain for this coming Sunday was cancelled.  My heart was broken.

So on Saturday I went to Wachusett Mountain, my kind of back up mountain where I go to get the weekend’s skiing in.  It was a normal sort of a day until about 3:30pm when they kicked us regular people off the mountain for some kind of mountain enforced break.  I don’t understand this but they did run the grooming machines on the slopes.

Then the skied the freshly groomed snow right from the top of the hill to the lodge, basically in a straight line.  It was one of the best runs I’ve had in these 100 or so ski trips I’ve taken over the years.

It is not the winter of my discontent, that is for sure.

Today I took a constitutional around Beacon street to survey the snow and of course to photograph it.  Beacon street is particularly Boston but covered in snow, it becomes SUPER Boston.  Yeah.  That’s the best name for these pictures:

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