The League of Professional Museum Goers

Here I go again.  Yesterday I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, for probably the 400th time.  I’m exaggerating, but maybe not by much.  It was a really fun afternoon with a big group of Japanese high school kids.  I took them around to see what I thought were the funnier parts of the museum, like the sculpture made out of paper cups, the painting in the American wing where all the faces are the same and a little history lesson with the portraits for the first couple presidents of the United States.  One of them even asked me what my favorite painting was in the museum.  It’s a John Singer Sargent of a lady wearing an amazing red dress, but it seems to have been moved.

Walking around though, I realized I hadn’t shot the place using my wide angle lens yet.  It was fun to do, just kind of give the place a new look.

See if you like it:

museum of fine arts rotunda up stairs viewmuseum of fine arts rotunda upwardmuseum of fine arts rotunda round viewmuseum of fine arts balloons ceilingmuseum of fine arts modern wing paper cup sculpturemuseum of fine arts modern wing wide view

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