This Never Gets Old

I’m getting crazy nostalgic this year.  This is the year that marks ten years of me living in Boston.  As I write that, it seems unbelievable to me.

My initial plan when I came here was to stay a year, at the most.  I didn’t even think I’d make it the year.  I’d learn to be an English teacher and move to Paris or Rome and just live there.  Falling in love with Boston was a slow process.  The first year, I thought what is there even to do here?  The second year, the skiing thing started and it has happily continued into a crazy all consuming obsession.  I mean I don’t really need to talk about that because a lot of my entries cover that already.

Its funny because I’m almost continually here.  I never really leave, maybe for a week or two weeks at the most.  I realized that not only have I lived here longer than any other place I have lived in my life, but I’m continuously here.  I go to Vermont or New Hampshire for snow related fun but I always return.  I’ve lived in Boston longer than the total time I spent in my life in Poland, longer than the time I spent in high school and college put together and longer than I lived in Manhattan.  Crazy.

I realized too that I’ve also been in so many different buildings here.  I went to college in Albany, New York and there was a concert hall there as part of this concrete complex named after Nelson Rockefeller.  There’s also the state capitol building.  I never went into either, never had any curiosity about those places and really didn’t care about them.  Here I’ve been in the state house upwards for 100 times.  Same with almost every museum in this place.

And somehow it never gets old.  I love my weekends in Vermont, my afternoons in Coolidge Corner.  Ten years.  Is a long time.  But it can also be a good time.

Speaking of things I return to a lot, here are some pictures of Boston covered in snow.  That also never gets old:

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