I’m Pretty But Tough Like A Diamond Or Beef Jerky in a Ball Gown

Yes the title is interesting but we will get back to it eventually.

This whole entry is going to be about my love for a show called The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  I will fan girl.  Jon Hamm, aka Donald Draper, will make a cameo.  Mostly I will talk about about my love for Titus Burgess.  Scroll down if none of this appeals to you.

So in 2015, I was cruising through New York Magazine and there was a little post about the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which according to the magazine is the funniest show you are not watching.  So I decided to start watching it.

The show came along at the perfect time.  In case you haven’t seen it, it’s about a woman who escapes from an underground bunker she was trapped in by an insane reverend.  It’s HILARIOUS.  No really.

I watched the first episode, where Kimmy goes on TV after getting out of the bunker and when she meets Titus Andromedon, star on the rise.  She becomes Titus’s roommate and she basically lives in his closet.

What got to me about the show was Kimmy’s unshakeable optimism and positivity.  She stayed positive no matter what.  I needed that at the moment when I started watching the show, when things in my life were kind of difficult.

And then there’s Titus.  He’s full of dreams, disappointments and one liners.  He’s also incredibly talented, with a beautiful singing voice.  He’s the heart of the show too.  He’s very openly gay on the show.  My favorite episode is when he goes to a coach who is supposed to make him act less gay.  He sits at a bar wearing a sports jersey and just looks into the camera and says “sports.”


Anyway, I heard the cast was going to be in Harvard Square on May 9.  Of course I had to go and take 10000 pictures of everyone.  I thought I would just go and they would be paraded through Cambridge.

I get there and the cast is getting on a duck boat but they were kind of mingling with everyone.  I saw Titus and I thought — maybe I can go take a picture with him.  That would be kind of funny.

I went over to him and asked to take a picture with him.  Then I told him how he got me through graduate school.  And I told him I loved him.  And he said it back!!!!!!!!!  Then, in all of my excitement, I kind of backed in a guy …. who turned out to be Jon Hamm!!!!!!!!!!  Not your average day when you step on Don Draper’s feet.

Everyone was yelling “we love you Titus.”  Titus took a video and put it on his Instagram.  I’m on Titus’s Instagram!!!!!!

The cast gets on the duck boat and Jon Hamm is taunting all of us by yelling out that the Red Sox suck.  He yelled out some other pretty funny stuff and was making a lot of faces.  It was ridiculously funny.  And I got to meet Titus and tell him how I felt about him!!!!!!!

Anyway, below are some pics of my little adopted sitcom family!!!!!!



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