Come As You Are

Yeah, it’s a song lyric but my trip to Comic Con on Saturday showed me in fact that the theme of the event is come as you are.

This weird thing has happened as I’ve gotten older.  I just want to do everything.  I really want to go everywhere and try everything.  I always heard about people going to Comic Con in San Diego but that’s a bit too far for me.  When I realized there was on in Boston, I had to go.

In 2014 and 2016, I went to photograph the people there.  And there were plenty to photograph.  In 2018, I went to meet my hero, Wallace Shawn.  I met Titus and Wallace Shawn.  I mean there’s really no one else on my celeb list that I haven’t met.  And Wallace Shawn, I was on my little Wallace Shawn cloud for a few days after that.  Such a lovely, kind man who deserves every bit of success he’s had.

But back to 2019.  In 2019, I didn’t see any celebs I wanted to meet.  Sorry cast of Boys Meets World.  I wasn’t that interested in meeting with you.  So this year I went to photograph the interestingly attired attendees, of which there were many.  I love to imagine the people at the event going back to their regular lives as employed citizens after donning a Superwoman costume or just wearing some kind of cat suit that makes you look like Spiderman.  Anything is a come down after that.

Come as you are, to Comic Con!!!!!

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