A Long Walk Outside

A dear from from very far away is visiting Boston for the next few weeks.  Recently, her boyfriend decided to break up with her.  She was quite upset about it, so I decided to cheer her up with the one thing I know that cheers me up every time — a long walk outside.

When I was out on Spectacle Island, I thought back to where I first heard that piece of advice.  It was in the movie “The Queen” which I absolutely love.  Prince Phillip, upon hearing of the death of Princess Diana takes “the boys” now men with families of their says he’s going to take them on a long walk outside.  It seems kind of cold and dismissive but the more I think about it, it seems pragmatic and practical.  And let’s face it, the man is 98 years old and in those 98 years, he’s experienced more than people would in five lifetimes.  Who are we to argue with his practical ways?

Well, anyway, I love being outside.  I always say — when you are outside, where is your limit?  Well, you don’t have one.  You are without limitations.  Not to mention, the fresh air cleans your lungs and the walking fills you with endorphins.  Well, that’s just the medical chemical psychological side of things.  Walking outside feels good.  Staying indoors does not.

I did get quite a few nice shots yesterday.  I love Spectacle Island.  I would like to live there — with Wifi, in the summer, with a dog.  In the winter, maybe not so much!!!!!


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