Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

So we’re nearing the end of another magnificent ski season.  The last few have been particularly good, just because I know a lot better what to actually do, how to have consistently good days and how to enjoy myself on the mountain more.

I realized something early though when I started going skiing.  The amount of focus it involves is immense but in another way the sport helped me was to make me really focused.  When I first started going skiing, I would fall when I thought of something that upset me.  It taught me to focus more on the positive things or at least be able to push the negative thoughts away when I went skiing, in the hopes that this would have a reflection on my outside life.

Last weekend, I skied this slope at Killington called Panic Button.  It’s a black diamond but an groomed slope that has a bit of a feature at the beginning and then a normal ride down.  My favorite.  How I came to find this trail is a bit of an interesting story.  As I said in the last entry, my two earlier trips to Killington this season were, um, interesting.  One with 11 million of my closest friends and the other when the mountain was covered in insane, dense fog.  It was in this insane dense fog that I decided to first ski Panic Button.  Why I decided to do this still mystifies me.  Anyway, last weekend I decided to ski Panic Button again, but actually be able to see this time.  That’s where the focus came in.  I’d never been on this thing when I could actually see all of it so I was laser focused on every feature.    Small bump here, straight down there, make a turn there.  When I ski, I try to memorize as many of the features of the trails so I can ski it again, in good weather and bad weather or crazy overwhelming fog.  Anyway, it was very pleasant.  As long as you keep your eyes on the prize while skiing.

Oh and there are pictures.  OF COURSE:

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