Life, On Pause

What if I told you a month ago that we’d all be sitting at home.  Not just the people who usually sit at home, or prefer to sit at home but we’d ALL be sitting at home.  Crazy huh?  Well, that’s where we are on March 29 2020, I don’t even know what day it is.  The phone calendar tells me it’s Sunday but that’s just a social construct at this point.

We’re all stuck inside because of something called coronavirus.  In January, there were some cases in China but no need to worry, we’ll be fine.  Now, now is a bit different.  A reality that at times is just too difficult to process.

There’s the surreal aspect to all of this.  The Boston Marathon is postponed, the Olympics, and many other things.  But then there’s the real aspect of this.  Every business is closed and whatever can happen online is happening online.

I’ve been thinking lately though, that life on pause might have an upside to it.  I work in an industry where people don’t get paid sick time so for the past ten years, I have almost constantly been sick.  A cold passing and one on its way.  Now I can finally breathe well after so many years.  I’ve reconnected with people that I haven’t spoken to in a decade.  We’re all praying for each other.  I’ve discovered the joys of video calling.  I had quite a hilarious conference call with some friends that live in another state.  And my best friend of a quarter century called me her hero for helping her son with his homework!!!!!  VICTORY.

Everyone is in the same boat so everyone is helping each other.  I’m not going to lie.  It is not going to be easy.  But we are actually in this together.

Here are some pictures from one of my few trips outside in the past 10 (???) days:

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