Story time.  If you aren’t interested, scroll down for the photography.

Oh hello.  Thanks for staying.  Well, music is in the title of the blog entry.  So ever since the Walkman came out, I have had a pair of headphones on my head.  I think I got my first Walkman when I was eight or nine.  I spent most of my childhood at the Tower Records near Lincoln Center or in Greenwich Village.  I got 50 cents a week for an allowance.  Records, yes they still had those, were $6.  Cassettes were $9 and CDs were the princely sum of $12.  So I would save my allowance for a record, a tape if I were particularly flush that month.  And I was a kid.  So my allowance was spent on things like candy bars.

I don’t know what it was about the Walkman but as soon as it came out, I wanted one.  And headphones, well, I don’t even know if I have the proper words to explain about how the world feels when you’re wearing headphones.  Everything you see just takes on the mood of whatever music you are listening to.  Everything sort of moves to the rhythm of the music you are listening to.  

I go through music moods and listen to different kinds of music at different times of day.  I’m also obsessed with music from movies. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Other Dream Team, about the Lithuanian men’s basketball team that won a bronze in the 1992 Olympics.  Lithuania had just gotten its independence a year earlier.  Suddenly the Lithuanian players weren’t on the Soviet team anymore, but independent.  They had no money and were sponsored by the Grateful Dead.  It’s kind of an amazing story but the thing I like the most about the movie is the music, especially this piano music by a guy named Dustin O’Halloran, who wrote this really haunting soundtrack for the movie, as well as a band called If Trees Could Talk.  Both pieces add so much mood to the movie.  I looked and looked for this music and finally found it.  I’ve been listening to it for years.

Lately though, all of my obsessions have united.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from the Crown and there’s this haunting harp music that they play in Season Four, when Diana appears.  The episodes of the show are particularly emotional this year and I guess we’re all emotional with the covid and all.  I just started a new job in a new location doing something slightly different than what I used to do and somehow the Crown soundtrack fits this. I might change the music in a few weeks but this is it for now.  Since it’s a new neighborhood, of course it has to be continually, obsessively photographed.  Of course.  And works starts hella early in the morning, so the light is also different.  All together it just creates this really unique atmosphere.  Me walking around taking my usual eight million photos (with my film camera now) with this music creating this mood.  

As a Friday treat for myself, I go to the photography shop that develops my pictures near South Station.  Since I use a film camera now, I have to finish the roll before I can leave it at the shop.  Lately I wander around Chinatown, photographing everything and anything around there and then I go to the shop to get it developed.  I wonder sometimes if the music I’m listening to influences my choices of subject or how I take the picture.  

Well, anyway, enough prose.  Ok well one more note.  These pictures are a lot “quieter” than the ones I used to take.  No big loud events.  Just little corners of things, observations, small scenes.  Little stories in each one.  

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