And We’re Back

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I haven’t been that busy.  Just kinda lazy.  But I’m back now!!!!

I know its been a while and I’m still going to be posting about what I posted about a couple of months ago — skiing.

Today was the end of my ski season for 2018.  It was a really great ski season.  I feel like I’ve finally gotten the hang of everything with the sport and that I can really ski well now.  Sometimes just going skiing calms my mind so much that it lasts me an entire week afterward.

After a season of serious ski trips that started at 4am and ended at almost 10pm, after which I had to go to work, I decided to make my last one an easy one.  I slept in today (for ski season).  I didn’t get up until 8:45am and I went to good old Wachusett with a friend.  She’s learning to ski, getting into the sport slowly.

Oh and it was pond skimming day, which meant people wearing costumes doing crazy things, which is something I love.  Oh and they were skiing???  Even better.

The event had all the trappings of a vintage New England event.  There were sarcastic commentators.  There was a bear in the audience — not pond skimming.  There were tons of dogs around.  Oh and people dressed up in all sorts of outlandish ways.  At one point, one of the commentators for pond skimming said “hold on.  We have a bear head floating in the pond.”  GENIUS.

Anyway, I was on hand to get my last ski season runs in and to photograph the mayhem.  And photograph it I did:

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