How Crazy Was This Marathon????

I always made fun of people who started sentences with “how crazy” as if it were insane that we’d run into each other at the supermarket and how crazy that was.

Well, now I’m using this line because this marathon was actually crazy.  It was an entire day of gale force winds and driving rain like running through a hurricane.  A freezing hurricane.  I knew that the winners were going to be big surprises.

And they were.  An American woman named Desiree Linden won, as did a journeyman marathoner from Japan named Yuki Kawauchi.  Kawauchi has a day job and does marathons on the side.  WOW.

The race was insane.  One of the top marathoners just stopped, probably suffering from hypothermia.  There was a lot of people like that today.

I had my own marathon today too.  For some reason that I can’t really figure out I walked from Kenmore Square to Cleveland Circle.  I thought I was going to walk and get some great photos along the way.  I did get some great photos but the focus on my camera, which got completely soaked, just stopped working after a while.  I was also absolutely soaked when I finally got to Cleveland Circle.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the geography of Boston, that’s a three mile walk.  ANYTHING for a good photo, I always say.

I walked down Beacon street and there was this drum beat of these sneakers on pavement.  Well, soaked sneakers on pavement.  Those brave people.  God love you.

Congratulations to these marathon warriors.  You guys are extraordinary, especially this marathon Monday:

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