Those People Are Free

My tenth anniversary of coming to Boston and starting my life over again has got me feeling a bit nostalgic.

It was in 2009 that I was working at my last job in media, the one that would finally drive me out of the journalism game and onto bigger and better things.  There’s no reason to revisit what happened there but I do remember always sitting in the office and looking out at the people on the street outside of the office building and thinking — those people are free.  Those people are free.  They aren’t trapped inside all day long.

That’s exactly what I thought when I visited this really interesting initiative on Milk street called CIC.  They provide office space and support for startups.  They have office space for all sorts of companies and they try to create a community for the people there.  I know I sound like an advertisement for them but it is a really interesting initiative.

But then there were the views.  Oh the views.  Magnificent.  I stood at one of the windows and saw one of the most amazing views ever, one that stretched from the Prudential Center to the Charles River.  It was really beautiful.  I also realized it was nice to visit an office but I’d rather be free.

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